Grand Peak Light Deprivation Greenhouse Package

The Grand Peak is our most popular cannabis structure. It can be equipped with side wall curtains, mechanical ventilation or with our Atlas roof vent. Its 12′ column spacing also allows for this structure to be equipped with an automated retractable light deprivation system and shade system to provide your greenhouse with the proper light levels for optimal growing conditions. Engineered frame designed to meet wind and snow loads in all regions of the country. The 30′ bay width provides generous space for efficient bench designs while still providing ample room to work. The 14′ under gutter allows room for growing on benches and maintaining proper distance from grow lights and interior light deprivation curtains.

Standard Features and Specs
Premium quality galvanized steel frame. All tubing is produced in the USA. Heavy Duty Construction with 4″x4″ Column posts and 2″x3″ rafters and truss cords. Heavy Galvanized Steel gutters. Includes all necessary framing for endwalls and sidewalls. Roof covered with high light transmission/high light diffusion corrugated polycarbonate. Sidewalls covered with painted corrugated sheet metal and trim with many color options. Endwalls are covered with clear corrugated polycarbonate in the gables and light blocking painted corrugated sheet metal below the gutter. Properly sized exhaust fans and evaporative cooling system. Includes gable fan and shutter for removal of hot air from gable. Black out light traps for all ventilation and cooling openings. Properly sized gas- powered unit heater with vent pipe and hanging hardware. Interior automated retractable blackout curtain system for overhead and walls. Bartlett Climate Boss controller with touch screen technology. Includes pre-­wired relay box. Controls and ventilation, cooling, and heating equipment. Includes 2 cycle timers to operate irrigation or lights. Includes a 3’0″ x 6′-8″ Vinyl Steel door with no glass. 4 Bay Package includes partition wall between flower bays (3) and veg bay (1).

• Widths up to 41.5′
• Heights up to 16′
• Positive Pressure cooling
• Rolling Ebb and Flow Benches
• Interior retractable shade system
• Insect exclusion
• Fertigation Systems
• Dehumidifiers
• Odor Mitigation
• Grow Lights