Cannabis Cultivation

Our greenhouses are designed to meet the needs of cannabis and hemp cultivators for all applications.

Cannabis cultivation has experienced rapid growth throughout the past few years in the U.S. To meet this demand, we have developed specific greenhouse designs for this high-value crop, incorporating the latest greenhouse technology with cost-efficient structure solutions. From light deprivation to insect screening, our greenhouse systems provide growers with the proper growing environment for many years of successful crop production. Growers of any size operation will find the greenhouse solution for success.

Complete Facility Design
  • Positive Pressure Cooling
  • Greenhouse Heating
  • Environmental Controllers
  • Grow Lights
  • Black-Out Systems
  • Ebb & Flow Rolling Benches
  • Coverings
  • Dehumidification
  • CO2 Generators

Positive Pressure Cooling

Positive Pressure Cooling achieves colder, more consistent temperatures throughout the greenhouse.

Positive Pressure greenhouses are built with a totally enclosed positive pressure chamber on one end of the greenhouse and are equipped with high volume jet fans. 

Outside air is pulled by fans through an evaporative cooling system, forcing the cool air into the greenhouse via convection tubes, located below bench systems.  Cool air is delivered to the plant area, forcing hot air to the top of the greenhouse and out through the roof vents. 

Positive Pressure systems create a consistent temperature range from one end of the greenhouse, to the other. Often, a temperature rise of less than 5 degrees is achieved, compared to the rise of 25 degrees or more with negative pressure systems. Negative pressure systems are limited to up to 120 feet of structure length. Positive Pressure systems achieve steady temperatures for much larger greenhouses, allow for more flexible structure design. 

The positive pressure created inside the greenhouse provides a barrier of defense against insects entering the greenhouse through vent openings, without the need for additional insect exclusion screens.

Ventilation and Cooling

Ventilation and cooling equipment are engineered to provide proper air exchange and air speed to ensure the optimum growing environment.

Exhaust Fans

Properly sized ventilation options are crucial to the efficiency of your greenhouse. We carry a full line of Quietaire Exhaust fans, the ultimate in greenhouse ventilation.   Six-blade propellers with quiet operation at a low RPM and aluminum dampers. Standard sizes range from 30’’ to 48’’ with additional options available

Wall Vent

Our automatic wall vent projects and seals off the cooling pad system. In addition, it offers superior intake ventilation compared to shutters. Complete system includes rack and pinion drive, crank pipe and 24 volt motor.



Evaporative Cooling System

Available in 5 ft. increments, our Evaporative Cooling Systems comes complete with pump, float valve and all required plumbing. Our stainless trough eliminates the need for a sump tank with a higher water capacity. This system is user-friendly and self-contained.

Greenhouse Heating

Heating Systems designed for location requirements

Unit Heaters

We supply a full line of Modine Unit gas fired heaters. Standard stock models are the PTP 150 - 400,000 BTU heaters.

  • Available in LP (stock) or Natural gas.
  • Equipped with spark ignition, power vented exhaust
  • Stainless Steel heat exchanger
  • 10-Year Warranty

Also Available:

  • Effinity High Efficiency (93%) unit heaters
  • Models include: PTC 55-310,000 BTU units.
  • Effinity models cut energy costs and CO2 emission.


Hydronic Heat Systems

Our Hydronic Heat Systems use hot water (hydronic) heater and create many distinct advantages. This system is ideal for benches, floor, gravel or embedded in concrete foundation.

  • Accelerated rooting and plant growth
  • Economical return on investment
  • Up to 40% fuel efficiency savings over conventional forced air heating
  • Flexibility to heat by zone, with soil and plant temperature control
  • Comfortable work environment


Environmental Controls

Create an environment for success

A reliable environmental control system is crucial for creating the optimum growing environment for your plants. Options range from basic cooling and heating to advanced controllers monitoring conditions such as relative humidity, light levels, CO2 levels and more.


The latest addition to the Wadsworth product line, the SEED controller offers touchscreen climate control with easy to navigate, advanced capabilities. View equipment settings, overrides, lockouts and set-points from a single screen. The controller tracks vapor pressure deficit and daily light integral with seamless access.


Hydronic Heat Systems

Our Hydronic Heat Systems use hot water (hydronic) heater and create many distinct advantages. This system is ideal for benches, floor, gravel or embedded in concrete foundation.

  • Accelerated rooting and plant growth
  • Economical return on investment
  • Up to 40% fuel efficiency savings over conventional forced air heating
  • Flexibility to heat by zone, with soil and plant temperature control
  • Comfortable work environment




The EnviroSTEP single zone control can connect up to a hundred zones with three set points. It includes Day, Night, DIF and twelve relay outputs with manual override switches. Two analog input channels are built-in for connecting lights, for CO2, RH and temperature sensors.

Bartlett Controllers

Affordable alternative to traditional thermostats, the Bartlett Controllers are reliable and easy to use.

  • Programmable for 1 or 2 zones
  • 4 Cool and 2 Heat Outputs
  • DIF, day, and night settings for each zone
  • Reduces hours spent monitoring greenhouse climate
  • Alarm output alerts for high or low temperature
  • Package available with pre-wired relay box for easy installation

Grow Lights

Successful growing with supplemental lighting starts out with a carefully considered light plan. We can help guide you through the process to design a plan that targets your growing needs. 


High Pressure Sodium

HPS lights emit light in the red spectrum (600-700nm approx.). This stimulates top growth, creates longer internodes and encourages flowering.


Metal Halide

Metal Halide Lights produce light in the blue spectrum (400-500nm approx.) This range of color produces more compact plants (shorter internodes). These lights are ideal for plants in the vegetative stage. 


Light Emitting Diode

Light emitting diode lamps are becoming more affordable with higher output. LEDs are offered with full spectrum lighting that ranges from blue to red. LEDs also run cooler than HPS and MH lights, generating less greenhouse heat build-up which allows light fixtures to be positioned closer to the paths. 

Light Deprivation

Blackout curtain systems are commonly used in commercial greenhouses to control day length and as a result, control growth and flowering plants that are photoperiodic. Plants detect light from any holes or gaps. Proper blackout systems are typically combined with light traps, covering the exhaust fans and cooling systems to create an area completely void of light. A high-quality blackout system is a crucial component to successful growing.

Light Traps

The unique design of Light Traps allows air to flow freely while blocking any light from entering the greenhouse. For a mechanically ventilated greenhouse, light traps help to control day length and keep your growing on schedule. We design light deprivation systems to fit each grower.

Ebb & Flow Rolling Benches

Ebb and Flow benches keep water contained, facilities cleaner and keep the spread of plant diseases and contamination to a minimum.

Atlas Greenhouse Ebb and Flow rolling benches are designed with the grower in mind.

With available width options of 4’, 4.5’, 5’, 5.5’ and 6’, we can maximize the efficiency of your growing space. Benches are designed to accommodate our molded polystyrene Ebb and Flow trays. Welded bench frames are built from 1” square galvanized steel tubing. Cross support ribs are spaced every 18” to support even the heaviest crops. Threaded height adjustment allows approximately 4” of leveling. Extruded aluminum side-rails are designed to accept optional trellis support arms. Legs can be mounted in concrete piers or attached to concrete slab.


Additional Components


We provide a wide variety of greenhouse roof and wall coverings. The most common are:

  • 6 mil. polyethylene film
  • Corrugated polcarbonate
  • 8mm twin-wall polycarbonate
  • Painted sheet metal

A greenhouse with 8mm twin-wall polycarbonate roof and sidewalls with light-blocking sheet metal endwalls is a popular option for a day length control greenhouse.




If you are in a high humidity area, you may need to consider a dehumidification system. Excessive humidity can lead to increased fungal diseases. Dehumidification helps with plant quality and yields.


C02 Generators

Carbon dioxide is an essential ingredient for plant growth. With the development of improved supplemental lighting, environmental controls and optimum nutrient delivery systems, C02 will become the limiting factor for maximum plant growth.

Johnson C02 Generators are relatively inexpensive to purchase and operate. They can be connected to a sensor and a controller for automated operation.


Insect Exclusion

Pest management and exclusion is an important strategy to implement into your greenhouse. We offer several methods that integrate these goals into each greenhouse project.

Insect Screen

Insect screens are designed by mesh size based on the target pest to be excluded. Tight mesh designed to target thrips and other small insects can greatly reduce airflow and cause the greenhouse to overheat. To prevent the greenhouse from overheating, screens and cooling equipment must be properly sized to function correctly. Our team of professionals will design your greenhouse for the best results.

Double-Entry Rooms

Double-entry rooms are designed to create an extra layer of defense by serving as a pre-entry room before personnel enter into the greenhouse. These rooms are the most effective when designed with positive pressure airflow blowing against the outside door opening. Fans or air curtains can be used to create the positive pressure for double-entry rooms.

Insect Exclusion Facility Designs:
- Lean-To with Kneewall
- Greenhouse Extension
- Boxes over Fans


Clone Production

Standard Packages Include:
  • Motorized Sidewall Curtains for Natural Ventilation
  • Unit Heaters
  • Controller
  • T-Rail System
  • EPS Styrofoam Clone Transplant Trays
  • Overhead Boom Irrigation System with Controller
  • Covered with Double-Layer of Polyfilm on the Roof and 8MM Twin Wall Polycarbonate on Endwalls
  • Shade Cloth Over the Top of the Greenhouse

Motorized Curtain

Our Z-Lock Motorized Curtain System drops down for ventilation and is best suited for 4' to 6' high side walls. Our exclusive Z-Lock eave flange allows the curtain to seal and "locks" the roof poly securely in place.

This package includes everything necessary with the exception of pressure-treated lumber required for the base.


Overhead Boom Irrigation

We offer several options for overhead boom irrigation. Our systems have the ability to irrigate and spray the left or right side of the greenhouse, independent of the other. The double rail tracking system eliminates sway to create consistent water and spray applications.

Features include galvanized steel framing, aluminum spray bars, and telescopic spray bar support arms.

Key Features:
  • Designed for 4', 5' or 6' sidewalls
  • Aluminum extrusions for attachment
  • Special 12 mil. super strong fabric (not plastic)
  • Retrofits to most houses with straight sidewalls up to 6' high
  • Steel curtain guides


T-Rail System
for Clone Production

T-Rail System

Heavy duty extruded aluminum T-Rails provide a base used to support EPS Styrofoam plant trays, a much less expensive alternative to benches. When used in conjunction with a sidewall curtain system, trays can be loaded and unloaded from the side of the greenhouse.

EPS Styrofoam Trays

High Density Styrofoam trays work great with T-Rail Systems to provide a suspended system that allows air movement under the flats, resulting in air pruning of the transplants. With proper maintenance and care, several years of use can be expected from EPS Styrofoam trays.

Tray Sizes

Model 128A

128 cells
1-1/2" square
2.5" deep

Model 72A

72 cells
1-3/4" square
2.5" deep

Model 32A

32 cells
3" square
3" deep

Determine Tray Quantity by Greenhouse Size:
Length x Width / 2.85 = quantity of trays

Typical Examples - Acreage that Greenhouse will cover:
Number of trays x 0.82 (crop loss) x Number of cells in tray / Plants per acre

High Tunnels for Field Production

High Tunnel Greenhouses are designed to extend growing seasons and create a semi-controlled environment.

Typical Packages Include:
  • Roll-Up sides for natural ventilation - manual or automated
  • Single poly film covering on the roof and the ends
  • Roll-Up curtain doors for easy access by a small tractor
  • Drip Irrigation Kits

Flower & Seed Production

For Hemp Cultivation

Standard Packages Include:
  • Exhaust Fans
  • Evaporative Cooling System
  • Unit Heaters and/or Boiler Heat Systems
  • Grow Lights- HPS, MH, LED
  • Light Deprivation - Retractable blackout curtains, light traps
  • Environmental Controls
  • Irrigation Systems
  • CO2 Generators
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Insect Exclusion
  • Polycarbonate Covering - 8mm twinwall, double layer poly film
  • Endwall covering - light-block 8mm twinwall, polycarbonate or painted sheet metal.

  • Engineered to Code

    Our engineering team builds structures to code based on geographic location, climate challenges and inclement weather.

  • Custom Drafting

    Your structure and location may require custom drawings to plan the proper design. Our drafting team creates custom drawings with any and all components factored in.

  • Turn-Key Solutions

    We inventory a complete line of accessories to support our customers including coverings, heating equipment, cooling and ventilation and so much more