Ebb & Flow Benches – FAQ

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Join us as we answer common questions that customers have about our Atlas Greenhouse Ebb & Flow Systems.

What is the function of an Ebb & Flow Bench?

An ebb & flow bench includes plastic “ebb-flow” trays that rest on top of the bench. The original purpose of an ebb flow bench was for irrigating purposes. Water would flow through the tray and irrigate the plants. That is still a purpose, but another purpose is to simply catch water from other forms of irrigation and drain it off rather than going on the floor.

Atlas Greenhouse Ebb and Flow rolling benches are designed with the grower in mind. With available width options of 4’, 4.5’, 5’, 5.5’ and 6’, we can maximize the efficiency of your growing space. Benches are designed to accommodate our molded polystyrene Ebb and Flow trays. Welded bench frames are built from 1” square galvanized steel tubing. Cross support ribs are spaced every 18” to support even the heaviest crops. Threaded height adjustment allows approximately 4” of leveling. Extruded aluminum side-rails are designed to accept optional trellis support arms. Legs can be mounted in concrete piers or attached to concrete slab.

How does Ebb & Flow Bench functionality compare with the other types of greenhouse benches that Atlas Greenhouse offers?

Atlas has offered other benches such as expanded metal benches and wire benches. On expanded metal or wire benches, plants simply sit on the bench and any water or soil would fall through to the ground. Atlas offers rolling, palletized and stationary benches in both expanded metal and ebb & flow.

What are the costs associated with Ebb & Flow Benches?

Cost depends on size and additional items that may be ordered with the benches. For example, a customer can order gutters at the end of benches to collect the water and drain off. Average pricing per sq. ft would be around $8-10 per sq. ft.

How are Ebb & Flow benches relevant and/or advantageous to the cannabis industry?

There are generally more regulations in the cannabis world that relate to molds, etc. Ebb & Flow benches keep the water contained, the facility cleaner, and spread of plant diseases and contamination to a minimum. Additionally, trellis posts may be added to the bench for bench crop containment.

What types of Ebb & Flow bench systems, components and services does Atlas offer?

Atlas offers any type of ebb flow OR expanded metal benching, both rolling, stationary or palletized. Atlas also offers installation services.

Atlas Greenhouse Ebb & Flow Rolling Bench System

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