Portable benches

Our portable benches are available in various sizes and can be easily moved inside the green-house by two people. Our benches are support-ed by a framework of 1” x 2” rectangular tubing, providing superior strength and longevity.

Continuous Benches

Our continuous benches are permanently fastened together, above ground, creating a continuous bench to any length you desire. Our benches are supported by a framework of 1” x 2” rectangular tubing.

Rolling Benches

Our Rolling Benches are designed for in-ground or concrete installation and are used to save space in high production applications. Our benches are supported by a framework of 1” x 2” rectangular tubing.

Ebb & Flow Benches

Designed with the grower in mind, our Ebb & Flow rolling benches are available in width options of 4’, 4.5,’ 5,’ 5.5,’ and 6.’ Let us help you maximize the efficiency of your growing space.

Additionally, Ebb & Flow Benches include plastic trays that rest on the top of the bench. The original purpose of this type of tray was to allow plant material to be irrigated by flooding and then draining the tray on regular intervals, allowing the plants to be watered from the bottom rather than overhead, thereby reducing disease. Also, these trays are used to simply capture irrigation run-off to keep greenhouse and grow room floors clean and dry.

Ebb & Flow
Trays and Troughs

Our Ebb & Flow Trays are available in widths of 4,’4.5,’5,’5.5,’and 6,’ plus any length can be created by gluing tray sections together to on the jobsite, forming long continuous bench tops.

Ebb & Flow Troughs are offered in a 13” width and are glued together to form your desired length, just like the trays. The advantage of the troughs is that they are spaced apart from each other, allowing for increased air flow through the canopy of the plant.

Dura Bench Top

  • Durable, flat, smooth surface
  • Excellent for wood surfaces or metal benches.
  • Overlapping and non-overlapping designs
  • Commercial applications
  • Size: 24” x 48”
  • Ultra or Original Design

Expanded Metal Bench Decking

  • Economical option for growers
  • 1” x 2” 16 gauge cross support
  • Extruded aluminum side rails
  • 13 gauge expanded metal top
  • Sizes: 3’ x 12’, 4’ x 10’, 4’ x 12
  • Custom sizes available
  • Expanded metal without framing available


Heavy-duty extruded aluminum T-Rails provide a base used to support EPS styrofoam plant trays. A much less expensive alternative to benches.

When used in conjuction with sidewall curtain systems, trays can be loaded and unloaded from the sides of the greenhouse.

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