Heating Options

Modine Unit Heaters

We carry a full line of Modine Unit gas fired heaters. Standard stock models are the PTP 150-400,000 BTU heaters. Available in LP (stock) or Natural gas, heaters come equipped with spark ignition and power vented exhaust. Heaters come standard with an aluminized heat exchanger and a 10-year warranty. Effinity High Efficiency Models also available

Electric Heaters

Our horizontal air delivery type heater (HER) is recommended for lower-ceiling applications. 

  • Reduced maintenance
  • Made in the USA

Hydronic Heat with Boiler

With the methodology of Hydronic Heating in your greenhouse, you will achieve maximum heating efficiency and experience even control of your soil temperature. 

Ultimately, the primary benefit of a hydronic heating system is that the grower can specifically target the heat to its most useful location - the root zone of the plants. Applying heat to the plant roots means the grower is not directly heating the foliage or the air above the plants, as a forced-air heating system does. Other benefits include less heat stratification, with all the hot air rising to the ceiling, and better plant growth, especially since many plants prefer warm roots and cool leaves.

Heater Hanger

  • Heavy-duty 2 x 2 (14 gauge) square tubing
  • Pre-welded adjustable hanger brackets
  • Available for 4’ or 12’ rafter spacings
  • Complete hardware package
  • No additional components needed

Vent Pipe Kits

  • 3” - 6” Kit Sizes
  • Double Wall Construction
  • Slip fit/twist connection
  • 3 Feet of pipe
  • 2 Adjustable Elbows
  • 2 Wall Covers
  • 1 Vent Stack Cover

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