Ventilation & Cooling

Aluminum Shutter

Inlet Shutters are made of mill finish extruded aluminum with aluminum pivot rods and nylon bearing. Counter balanced blades ensure smooth operation.

Slant Wall Fans

Properly sized ventilation options are crucial to the success of your greenhouse. We inventory full line slant wall fans, the ultimate in green-house ventilation. Six-bladed propellers with quiet operation at low RPM and aluminum dampers. Standard sizes range from 18” to 60” with additional options available.

Steel Box Fans

Steel box fans installed in the gable of the greenhouse provide an excellent first stage of ventilation. The box fan is an economical alterna-tive to our slant wall fan and features 3/4 HP direct drive motor with an aluminum exhaust shutter.

HAF Fans

Our 18” HAF fans make heating and cooling more effective by evening out temperatures throughout the greenhouse. Airflow reduces disease risk, circulates heat efficiently and minimizes stagnant air.

Evaporative Cooling Pad

Available in 5’ increments, this system comes complete with pump, float valve and all required plumbing. Our stainless steel trough has enough water capacity to function without a sump tank, thus producing a user-friendly, self-contained system.

Wall Vent

Our automatic wall vent protects and seals off the cooling pad system. In addition, it offers superior intake ventilation compared to shutters. Complete system includes rack and pinion drive, crank pipe and 24 volt motor.

EZ Roll-Up Curtain System

Our EZ Roll-Up package includes everything needed for natural greenhouse ventilation. In addition, you can choose a manual crank or automatic system. Our heavy duty, 13 mil. coated 10 x 12 weave fabric (not 6 mil. poly) is strong enough to withstand harsh conditions.

Z-Lock Drop Down Curtain

Our Z-Lock Drop Down Curtain System drops down for ventilation and is best suited for 4’ to 6’ high side walls. Our exclusive Z-Lock eave flange allows the curtain to seal and “locks” the roof poly securely into place. This package includes everything necessary with the exception of pressure-treated lumber required for the base. (Optional aluminum hat base is available)

Economy Curtain

Our Economy Curtain System is a more economical way to passively ventilate your high tunnel or coldframe. Growers prefer curtains that roll up from the middle as opposed to rolling up from the bottom; crank rotations are cut by half because our crank rod rolls from the middle. Our crank handle makes this sytem easy to operate. For even smoother operation, the crank package can be upgraded to include a 13:1 gear reduction box. Poly film can also be upgraded to strong 12 mil. curtain fabric. The Economy Curtain can be adapted to straight or curved side walls. System comes complete with crank handle, crank rod, curtain guides and all hardware necessary to install.

Ridge Vent System

  • Heavy-duty rack and pinion drive assembly
  • Manual or motor driven
  • Designed for 8mm polycarbonate covering
  • Designed for the Grand Peak and Apollo Greenhouse
  • Heavy aluminum extrusion for 8mm P.C.S.S. attachment
  • Pivots from the peak to create a 22” vent opening

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