The Hydro House

Designed to create the perfect environment for hydroponic and other vegetable growing systems.

The Hydro House has 2” square bow assemblies and trusses. Its various width options can accommodate hydroponic and other vegetable growing systems. This structure is available with 3” or 4” square, heavy gauge columns and gutter heights from 8’-14’. Our Hydro House  has an all-aluminum gutter with built-in lock. Equipped with horizontal air flow ventilation. Its gutter connect design allows for future expansion to the structure as your business grows.


Package Details

    • 30 x 96 Single Bay Super Arch Gutter connect
    • 2 – 30′ x 12 Insect Exclusion Rooms
    • 8mm Polycarbonate Wall Kits
    • Greenhouse Poly Covering
    • 10 ft. Sidewalls
    • 4 ft. Bow Spacing
    • Cross Trusses
    • Extruded Aluminum Gutters
    • Mechanical Ventilation by fans and shutters
    • Cooling Pad and Heat Systems
    • Engineered Drawings

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