The Emerald

The Emerald is designed for the southern nurseryman.

With its standard 4’ sidewall height, it is the perfect structure for overwintering taller plant materials, shrubs or trees. It offers higher side walls and a lower peak height to maximize heating efficiency when supplemental heat is required. Whether you’re growing for your family or for a small business, the Emerald provides protection from harsh winter conditions and extends your growing season.


standard specifications
  • Column posts: 2.197” (12 gauge)
  • Bows: 1.900” (14 gauge)
  • 3 purlins: 1.315” (17 gauge)
  • 1.315 (17 gauge) corner braces
  • 4’, 5’ or 6’ bow spacing
  • Standard 4’ side walls
  • 4 corner braces
  • All necessary hardware
  • 28’ width only (various length)