RT Max Muscle

Ideal for commercial growers and educational institutions

The RT™ Max Muscle is widely used by wholesale, hydroponics and transplant growers. Additionally, the sides and/or ends can be equipped with polycarbonate to make an outstanding and attractive retail sales center. Available in 30’ and 35’ clear span widths, this greenhouse offers growers the maximum in strength with wind and snow loads. The RT Max Muscle utilizes rectangular tube construction and is designed for a poly film covered roof. Its pre-punched holes allow for ease of construction. With straight side walls from 4’ to 10’, this is a great structure for natural ventilation when equipped with an Atlas curtain system. Properly sized mechanical ventilation equipment is also available.


standard specifications
  • 2” x 4” (14 gauge) column post
  • Massive 2” x 3” (14 gauge) rectangular bow assemblies
  • 1.315” purlins (2 runs)
  • Galvanized ridge hat purlin (1 run)
  • 1” x 2” rectangular cross trusses
  • 30’ and 35’ clear span width
  • 4’ to 10’ side walls
  • 30’ wide requires 36’ poly (top)
  • 35’ wide requires 42’ poly (top)