The Snow Arch

Free-Standing Greenhouse

The free-standing Snow Arch Greenhouse offers the strength and versatility to accomodate various widths, side wall heights, drop-down or roll-up curtains, roof ventilation fans, shutters, and/or cooling pad systems. The standard size ranges from 16′-30′ free span widths with 4′ sidewalls. Custom width and sidewall height is available.

Our 6′ sidewall option provides excellent natural ventilation when combined with our Curtain Systems. The Snow Arch is designed for a poly film covered roof. We provide wind and snow load certificates upon request.  The Snow Arch series is approved for USDA NRCS grants. It is one of our most popular structures, providing successful multi-purpose growing applications for growers across the country.

Standard Specifications
  • 2.197” (12 gauge) anchor post
  • 1.900” (14 gauge) bow assemblies
  • 1.315” (17 gauge) purlins (3 runs)
  • NOTE: 30’ wide has 5 runs
  • 1.660” (16 gauge) cross trusses
  • 1.315” (17 gauge) corner wind brace
  • Complete assembly hardware
  • Wind and snow load certification is available