The Super Arch Gutter Connect

superior strength for wind & snow loads

The Super Arch Gutter Connect Series is the perfect structure to meet top quality needs at an affordable price. It offers superior strength for high snow load applications while maintaining a cost that is well within a grower’s budget. Product to product, cost to cost, growers will not find a more economical and efficient gutter connect greenhouse.

The Super Arch sizes come standard in 21 ft, 24 ft, and 30 ft widths. Models are available with gutter heights up to 14 ft. Stock your Super Arch Greenhouse with our EZ Roll-Up Curtain System and ridge vents for energy-efficient natural ventilation or with fans and shutters for mechanical ventilation.

Standard Specifications:

• 21′, 24′, or 30′ clear span widths
• 4′ or 6′ bow spacing
• 2″ square (14 gauge) bows
• 2″ square (14 guage) truss chord
• 3″ x 3″ column posts (12 gauge) – optional 4″ posts
• 3 runs 1.315 (17 gauge) purlins on 21′ and 24′ models
• 5 runs 1.315 (17 gauge) purlins on 30′ model