Gutter Connected Greenhouses

Our gutter connected greenhouse structures provide growers across the country with cost-effective solutions. With our extruded aluminum gutters with built-in poly attachment and column to post connection, growers save time and money on construction costs. Multiple bays of greenhouse structures connected by gutters creates stability and effective use of operating space. Future expansions can be added by building on to existing gutter connects.

With six distinct models, we have the gutter connect model to fit your needs. Our structures are offered in Quonset, A-Frame or Semi-Goth roof design design with widths ranging from 20′-30′ and gutter heights from 8′-14′. Whether you need low cost poly covered structures to cover large acreage or polycarbonate structures for retail or institutional needs, we have the right choice for you.


The Grand Peak Greenhouse

The latest addition to our gutter connect series is the Grand Peak. With its wide galvanized gutters and 8mm polycarbonate roof covering, it offers years of maintenance-free use with a sleek, upscale design. The Grand Peak can be used in a wide range of markets including use for research and education, retail, hydroponics/aquaponics, commercial and controlled environment growing operations.

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The Super Arch

The Super Arch Gutter Connect Series is the perfect structure to meet top quality needs at an affordable price. It offers superior strength for high snow load applications while maintaining a cost that is well within a grower’s budget. Product to product, cost to cost, growers will not find a more economical and efficient gutter connect greenhouse.

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The Pro-Com

Our Pro-Com series greenhouse is fully engineered and is the most cost-efficient model in its class. The Pro-Com is designed and engineered to withstand most wind and snow loads throughout 75% of the United States, without modifications.

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The Snow Arch

The Snow Arch Gutter Connect series is the most affordable professional grade structure with no outside gutters required. The Snow Arch Gutter Connect is ideal for Commercial Ornamental Markets, Controlled Environment Agriculture, and for High Tunnel Production.

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The RT

The RT Gutter Connect is the greenhouse of choice for many growers. Its low cost per square foot provides growers with economical coverage options. It also works excellently with roll up curtains to provide natural ventilation.

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The Tropical

Designed specifically for growers that are located in tropical climates where natural ventilation is required for both day and night growing conditions, this structure protects your crop from excessive rain and has a roof vent that is “always open.”

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