Growing Markets

Our structures are designed to serve a wide range of growing markets, such as ornamental horticulture, vegetable production, cannabis/hemp, and as educational teaching environments.

Cannabis & Hemp Production

Hemp and Cannabis production has experienced continued growth throughout many regions of the U.S. over the past few years. At Atlas, we have developed specific greenhouse designs for this high value crop that incorporates the latest in greenhouse technology with cost efficient structure solutions. From light deprivation to insect screening, our greenhouse systems provide growers with the proper growing environment for many years of successful crop production.

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Vegetable Production

Greenhouse vegetable production has seen a steady trend of growth over the past decade. For large or small operations, we provide greenhouse structures to accommodate your business or family farm. Our team works to select and design the best growing system for your vegetables and plants. Explore our greenhouses designed for commercial operations or mid-small vegetable operations.

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Ornamental Production

Custom designed greenhouse structures are essential to enhancing year-round ornamental growing. With Atlas greenhouse structures and accessories, you can create different climate zones and growing conditions within the same structure. We provide options designed to accommodate large-scale and mid-scale commercial ornamental operations.

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Controlled Environment Agriculture

The demand for a safe, locally grown food supply has exploded in recent years. Our greenhouses provide a cost- effective way to create this fully controlled growing environment.

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High Tunnel Production

High Tunnels are basic frames with poly covering, designed for passive ventilation and typically have large openings in the ends that allow for ease of passage with small tractors and other tillage equipment.

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Transplant Production

Whether you’re in the commercial transplant business or growing for your own farming operation you know the importance of a healthy transplant, and top quality plants of consistent size don’t just happen.

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