The Snow Arch Gutter Connect

Professional grade and affordable

The Snow Arch Gutter Connect series is the most affordable professional grade structure with no outside gutters required. Plus, our posts and bows are spaced according to your preference of 4′, 5′ or 6′ spacing, therefore eliminating the need for huge column posts. In addition, there are no expensive brackets used to attach the gutters to posts. The frame supports the gutters as opposed to the gutters supporting the frame. The Snow Arch Gutter Connect greenhouse is offered with 8′ to 10′ gutter height.

The Snow Arch Gutter Connect is ideal for Commercial Ornamental Markets, Controlled Environment Agriculture, and for High Tunnel Production.


Standard Specifications

  • 2.197” (12 gauge) anchor post
  • 1.900” (14 gauge) bow assemblies
  • 1.315” (17 gauge) purlins (3 runs)
  • Easy to customize without high cost
  • Extruded aluminum gutters with built-in snap lock
  • Choice of 20′, 24′ or 28′ wide bays
  • Ready to hang baskets from trusses
  • Complete assembly hardware
  • Wind and snow load certification is available