Commodore Conyers College & Career (4C) Academy

Albany, Georgia



Greenhouse Type

Pro-Com Series

Project Size

Two-Bay Gutter Connected, each bay measuring 22’ x 132’

Atlas Greenhouse provided the 4C Academy with a two-bay connected Pro-Com Series greenhouse, with each bay measuring 22’ x 132’ and each bay serving as an independently operated zone. Atlas provided the frame, covering, and all environmental control equipment. Zone 1 was designed to feature an NFT growing system provided by Atlas, to allow the facility to maximize production in various microgreens or lettuces, while Zone 2 was designed to feature a Bato bucket system, also provided by Atlas, to allow the end user to focus on vining crops, such as tomatoes. Additionally, Atlas provided double entry insect exclusion rooms on each end to ensure premium crop protection.

"We are all about workforce and training our students for the jobs of tomorrow. We are trying in all of our pathways to have some kind of enterprise or real world application. And, the way our students are going to participate in agriculture is in ag tech and ag business. We looked around and decided a controlled growing environment, a greenhouse, was a great fit for year round capabilities and what we were trying to do for our student learning environment.

The process was very easy. Once the selection was made the team came out and we had a design for the greenhouse that fit our space. They integrated very well with our school systems facility team. Along the way, questions were asked. We gave input…and we are excited with the end result."

Chris Hatcher / CEO 4C Academy


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