Insect Exclusion

Pest management and exclusion is an important strategy to implement into your greenhouse planning. We offer several methods that integrate these goals into each greenhouse project.

Insect Screen

Insect screens are designed by mesh size based on the target pest to be excluded. Tight mesh designed to target thrips and other small insects can greatly reduce air flow and cause the greenhouse to overheat. To prevent the greenhouse from overheating, screens and cooling equipment must be properly sized to function correctly. Our team of professionals will design your greenhouse for the best results.

Double-Entry Rooms

Double-entry rooms are designed to create an extra layer of defense by serving as a pre-entry room before personnel enter into the greenhouse. These rooms are the most effective when designed with positive pressure air flow blowing against the outside door opening. Fans or air curtains can be used to create the positive pressure for double-entry rooms.

Insect Exclusion Facility Designs

• Lean-To with Kneewall
• Greenhouse Extension
• Boxes over Fans