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We are excited to announce and introduce our new members of the Atlas Greenhouse Team. Regional Sales Managers, Chris Kirschner and Dave Bishop – both leading members of the greenhouse industry who offer years of experience and expertise.

Both Chris and Dave specialize in many areas of crop production, with emphasis on Commercial Cannabis and Hemp projects.

Chris Kirschner

“I love agriculture. Farming and agriculture are my passion and I get to meet people who share the same passion. I love connecting with growers. We are both caring for our land and looking to prepare the world for the next generation. We may be raising something different but at the end of the day we are all dependent on God, rain, soil and hard work. Whether it’s in a greenhouse or in the ground, I’m very blessed to work in this industry and with farmers.  I love what I do.  My wife and I raise corn, soybeans and kids on our farm in central Illinois. My son and my daughter help us work on our farm and in our greenhouse. We love the chance to enjoy the sunlight and connect with plants.

I became a licensed Hemp producer in 2019. There is so much new information emerging about the Hemp market. I decided to get firsthand experience and knowledge about this crop to further help my customers with the challenges that they face. I enjoy being able to have conversations with other growers about population rate, weed control, etc. and build connections on a human level. Trusted testimony makes a difference in any industry. It’s not a sales process, it’s a more of a design process. I listen to their needs; I give them all the options and the right options to fit their budget with the answers that they need.  My approach to the design/sales process for my customers is the same as if it were for my own farm. I put the same care and effort into the planning and details of these projects as I would for myself. To have the relationship where my customers ask me, “Chris, what would you do?” gives me the chance to provide honest and accurate feedback and guidance.

Dave Bishop

Dave Bishop, Regional Sales Manager,  started working in the greenhouse industry 31 years ago. He started in 1988 working with a company that manufactured nursery equipment. Today, he is recognized as a leading expert in greenhouse manufacturing with a wide range of experience. From serving on the board of the NGMA (National Greenhouse Manufacturing Association) to being heavily involved in many diverse projects, Dave has been an integral part of innovation in greenhouses.  His primary focus is commercial Cannabis production. He also works with many growers of other crops such as vegetables.

Dave was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas. With his wife, he has four children and now has many grandchildren. He is passionate about staying healthy through daily fitness and clean diets. He and his family enjoy spending time outdoors whenever possible for hunting, fishing and other family activities.

Dave is most excited about joining the Atlas team with whom he shares the same philosophy of valuing customers, having integrity and keeping teamwork the center of the company goals.

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