EZ Roll-Up Curtain

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E-Z Roll-Up Greenhouse Curtain

You can’t control the weather, but you can have all-weather control of your greenhouse with our complete roll-up curtain system. Our system includes everything you will need for years of continuous operation. No lumber to purchase, no extra poly fasteners to purchase; our price includes everything. In addition, you can choose a manual crank or an incrementally automatic system. Our fabric is a heavy-duty 12 mil. coated 10’x10′ weave fabric (not 6 mil. poly), strong enough to withstand the abuse of windy conditions and even rocks thrown by lawn mowers and weed-eaters. Growers prefer curtains that roll up from the middle as opposed to rolling up from the bottom; crank rotations are reduced by 50%, and curtains are kept straight. Affordable and easy to operate natural ventilation as well as adaptable to any greenhouse with straight sidewalls.

Atlas Offers:

  • 6’, 8’ 10’ or 12’ systems
  • Manual crank packages
  • Motorized crank package with guide pipe and hardware
  • 24V incremental temperature control system (controls 2 curtains)

Base Wall Advantages:

  • PROTECTS plants from wind and cool air when open
  • REDUCES crank rotations by as much as 50%
  • PREVENTS snow from piling against curtain

NOTE: Generally a 60/40 ratio is recommended (60% curtain opening, 40% base wall).