Pro Lite Shade

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The Pro-Lite Shade Center is the perfect solution for protecting your plants and customers from the blistering summer sun. It is completely portable and can be easily stored and transported in a pick-up truck. The shade center is available in 12′, 20′, & 24′ widths. 12′ wide is available in any length of 10′ increments. 20′ & 24′ wide is available in any length of 6′ increments.

Key Features:

  • Portable permanent installation
  • Appealing shade cloth
  • Installs in ONE hour or less
  • Easily sets up on any surface
  • Excellent head room
  • Ready to hang baskets from purlin
  • 12’ max unassembled length for easy transport

This is a non-coded structure and is not designed for snow loads.