The Hydro House

Ready to grow hydroponic crops? Introducing our newest structure feature, the Hydro House®.

The 30 x 96 Hydro House is designed to create the perfect environment for your hydroponic crops. The Hydro House has various width options to accommodate hydroponic and other vegetable growing systems. The gutter connect range framework allows for future expansion.

The Hydro House is equipped with proper air intake and exhaust. The insect exclusion rooms serve as additional storage for your facility. 

Allied Gatorshield® Galvanized steel frame, made in the U.S.A

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  • 30 x 96 Single Bay Super Arch Gutter connect
  • 2 – 30′ x 12′ Insect Exclusion Rooms
  • Wind/Snow Load Certification Available
  • 8mm Polycarbonate Side and End Wall Kits
  • Poly-film Covered Roof
  • 10 ft. Eave Height
  • 4 ft. Bow Spacing
  • Extruded Aluminum Gutters
  • Equipped with Mechanical Ventilation
  • Evaporative Cooling System
  • Motorized Wall Vent
  • Equipped with 2 properly sized heaters