High Tunnel Production Greenhouses

Did you know that the USDA offers a grant to help offset the cost of purchasing a high tunnel? Our structures are designed to meet or exceed the NRCS criteria. Call your local NRCS office today and see if you qualify!

High Tunnels are basic frames with poly covering, (usually single layer), designed for passive ventilation and typically have large openings in the ends that allow for ease of passage with small tractors and other tillage equipment. Whether growing for your family or selling at local markets, our Atlas High Tunnels provide protection from the environment and consistent quality products. Growing under tunnels extends the season and can increase revenue stream allowing growers to get premium prices at local markets. Atlas High Tunnels reduce the need for pest control by providing crop protection, allowing for a safe and healthy food supply. Protection from excessive rain fall and soil erosion is another huge advantage of Atlas High Tunnels. We offer many options to customize your high tunnel and meet your specific needs.

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