Easy Grow


The Easy Grow is a commercial-grade hobby house that not only makes an attractive addition to your residence but is also engineered to last for many years.

Its all galvanized framework and slip fit connectors ensure assembly is simple. It is covered with professional grade 6 mil, 4-year poly film. Atlas offers three convenient sizes to choose from: 10’x11’, 10’x16’, and 10’x27’, with an 8’ peak height. The Easy Grow is perfect for growing backyard vegetables, starting seeds or for simply overwintering your plants. The Easy Grow can be equipped with curtains, benches, heating and cooling equipment and shade cloth.


  • 1 5/8” (17 gauge) galvanized steel frame
  • 3 runs of purlin
  • Insulated door with built-in shutter, lock and key
  • White poly film covering (clear optional)
  • (2) 16’ roll-up curtains (optional)
  • 1 electric heater (optional)