Cold Frame

& High Tunnels

Cold Frames and High Tunnels include unheated greenhouse structures that help farmers and nursery owners extend their growing season by providing protection from the elements of nature. At Atlas, we manufacture many different sizes and strengths of high tunnels/cold frames for each geographic climate. The Basic High Tunnel Frame consists of a frame with a single layer of poly film, roll-up sides, and doors and many additional options are available to include steel wall framing, steel base boards, automation for curtain systems, heaters, and gable vents.

The Budget Plus

Our most popular high tunnel structure, the 30 by 72-foot Budget Plus is NRCS approved and designed with a Gothic frame, offering strength and height to accommodate most growers. An excellent choice for a low-cost overwintering structure for the commercial nurseryman, the six-foot sidewall option available in this series provides eight-feet of clearance at two-foot in from the sidewall and offers greater ventilation when equipped with sidewall curtains. The peak height of 14-feet on the Budget Plus series allows ample space above the doors to accommodate gable louvers or fans for additional ventilation, if required.
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The 20-Foot RT Cold Frame

Ideal for overwintering plants and because of its rectangular tubing construction, the 20-Foot RT Cold Frame by Atlas is ideal for growers in northern climates challenged with high wind and snow loads, while for the southern nurseryman searching for a low profile, low cost overwintering structure, it creates the perfect solution. Our RT Cold Frame Package is equipped with our Economy Roll-Up curtains for ventilation, as well as with roll-up curtain doors on the ends and its two-piece bow assemblies make for simple installation.
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The 16-Foot Hoop House

Created as a true Quonset design, the 16-foot Hoop House by Atlas is an affordable structure for overwintering crops, or as a low-cost option when additional growing space is needed. Offering fast and easy installation, this series is designed for minimal or no heat and is covered with a single layer of poly film. In addition, the 16-foot Hoop House can be equipped with our economy roll-up curtains for excellent ventilation.

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The Emerald

Designed for the southern nurseryman, the Emerald, with its standard four-foot sidewall height, is the perfect structure for overwintering taller plant materials, shrubs or trees, and offers higher side walls and a lower peak height to maximize heating efficiency when supplemental heat is required. Because of its relatively flat roof profile, this structure is not recommended for areas with excessive ice and snow.

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The 30-Foot Price Buster

An ideal option for the nurseryman looking to overwinter plants in a 30-foot-wide structure with a low-profile Quonset design, the Price Buster is designed to be a non-heated structure, but if heat is needed, its low profile allows it to be heated at a low cost. Additionally, the Price Buster is covered in single layer poly and is designed for easy installation.

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