Fabric Covered


At Atlas Greenhouse, we design our fabric covered structures to provide our consumers with cost-effective solutions for storage. Our structures offer tailored solutions for:

  • Small Equipment Storage
  • Landscape Equipment Storage
  • Construction Job Sites
  • Maintenance Shops
  • Offices

Offering five distinct models, Atlas has the fabric covered building tailored to fit your needs. Available in widths ranging from 20 to 35-feet and heights from eight to 14-feet, additional features such as doors, windows, and ventilation options are also available to promote proper airflow, while controlling both the temperature and humidity in your fabric structure.

RTFC Series Utility Shelter

One of the most economical fabric covered structures on the market today, this 20-foot-wide RTFC Series Utility Shelter features a Quonset, low profile design, making it an excellent option for both temporary and permanent applications. Offered in 20-foot width only and a length versatility in four-foot increments, the main frame of this structure is constructed of one-inch by two-inch rectangular, galvanized steel.
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SPFC Series Utility Shelter

Epitomizing the strength of an Atlas structure, the SPFC Series Utility Shelter structure is our strongest free-standing option available. Available in 30 or 35-foot clear span widths and a customization option of in any four-foot increment, this structure features a semi-gothic profile, which by design, is optimal for northern climates as the pitch on the roof will shed snow efficiently.
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PCFC Series Utility Shelter

In an effort to design an expandable unit, The PCFC Series Utility Shelter was designed. Available in 22, 28, and 30-foot clear span widths, this gutter-connectable structure is what makes it unique. With the versatility of many consecutive bays as possible of the structure gutter connected to cover the square footage desired, the PCFC Series Utility Shelter is truly a unique fabric structure offering. 
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SAFC Series Utility Shelter

One of the most versatile and customizable options offered in our line of fabric covered structures, the SAFC Series Utility Shelter is available in 16, 20, 24, 28, and 30-foot width options, with a versatility length variation available in any four-foot increment.
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MMFC Series Utility Shelter

Placing just second in line of terms and strength behind the SPFC Series Utility Shelter, the MMFC Series Utility Shelter features a gothic profile structure with a true vertical side wall and is available in both 30 and 35-foot width options.
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