The MMFC Series Utility Shelter

Fabric Covered Structures
Coming in Second Place in terms of strength behind our Super Arch, the MMFC Series Utility Shelter structure is perfect for small equipment storage and construction job sites. Featuring a gothic profile structure with a true vertical sidewall available in both 30 and 35-foot width options, this structure is truly comparable to the SPFC Series Utility Shelter when a true vertical sidewall is preferred. Versatile in the four-foot length increments, this structure is designed for more permanent applications and can be selected in four to 10-foot sidewall options. The four to seven-foot options feature a reduced truss system, while the eight to 10-foot options feature the full eave-eave “W” style truss system. Designed with strength in mind, structure posts are two by four-inch galvanized steel, while the bow assemblies are two to three-inch steel. Our standard package includes two runs of one and 3/8-inch round purlins on each side of the ridge, while a galvanized ridge purlin is also included. The roof design of the MMFC Series allows the structure to be easily covered with any polyethylene film or fabric covering option provided by Atlas. Additionally, framing members are pre-punched with ease of installation in mind. If you are searching for a structure with a true vertical sidewall ideal for a high wind scenario, look no further than the MMFC Series Utility Shelter offered by Atlas.
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