The PCFC Series Utility Shelter

Fabric Covered Structures
The PCFC Series Utility Shelter was designed to provide an expandable unit and is available in 22, 28, and 30-foot clear span widths. The gutter connectable structure sets this series apart from other options, as well as its ability to have as many consecutive bays as possible of the structure gutter connected to cover the square footage desired. With the length of the structure available in any increment of 12-feet, the PCFC Series also features a true vertical wall that is typically eight to 12-feet. Featuring a Quonset roof or rounded roof profile, this structure utilizes a three-inch square galvanized steel column post with 1.900-inch round bow assemblies and purlins incorporated to run the length of the structure. While the quantity of these runs determined by the width option selected, the PCFC Series performs optimally in sub-tropical climates not concerned with excessive snow accumulation. If you are searching for a low-profile, low-cost, but high square footage fabric structure, you have found it in the PCFC Series Utility Shelter.
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