RTFC Series Utility Shelter

Fabric Covered Structures
Ideal for storage, the RTFC Series Utility Shelter is one of the most economic fabric covered structures on the market today. Featuring a Quonset, low profile design ideal for both temporary and permanent applications, this structure is available in a 20-foot width only, with the length versatility of four-foot increments. With the main frame constructed of one-inch by two-inch rectangular, galvanized steel, the standard package for the RTFC Series includes a run of one and 3/8-inch round galvanized steel to serve as a purlin at the ridge for additional support. With uncompromising strength, this structure was designed with ease of installation in mind. Its two-piece bow assembles with a center connector, allowing for a Do-It-Yourself option, with no construction experts necessary to install the structure. Utilizing the wire lock design for covering attachment, the RTFC Series can easily be covered with clear six-millimeter polyethylene film or various options of three-ply laminate polyethylene with high strength cord grids. Not only is this structure economically priced but lead times for its basic package can also be as short as two weeks, or possibly sooner, depending on other options selected. 
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