The Grand Peak

Gutter Connected Greenhouse

The newest addition to our gutter connect series, the Grand Peak with its wide galvanized gutters and eight-millimeter polycarbonate roof covering, this sleek, upscale structure offers years of maintenance-free and can be used in a wide range of markets, including research and education, retail, hydroponics/aquaponics, as well as commercial and controlled environment growing operations.

Designed to save valuable time and money on installation costs with trusses, the Grand Peak can be equipped with sidewall curtains, mechanical ventilation or with our Atlas roof vent. With its 10- to 12-foot column spacing allowing for this structure to be equipped with an automated retractable shade system to provide your greenhouse with the proper light levels for optimal growing conditions, the Grand Peak offers the following specifications:

  • Available in 20’, 24’, 30’, and 41'6" wide bays
  • Polycarbonate and acrylic roof covering
  • Bolted rafters for easier installation
  • Option of concrete foundation or pier installation
  • Ideal structure for retail or educational application
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