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James Garrett, owner of Greenhouse Towers in State Road, North Carolina, shares his story of success in the industry and his experience with Atlas Greenhouse

“I have absolutely no horticultural background.  I have spent my working life running a variety of different business, none of which are agriculturally related.  About 12 years ago I was introduced to a Tower Garden (A vertical aeroponic growing system) and my life was changed.  I was fascinated with the technology and found myself absorbed in learning all there was to know.  This also coincided with the desire to leave Atlanta and move to the mountains of NC.  A plan was developed over a period of about 3 years that enabled us to sell our home in Atlanta buy property in the mountains and finally make the move to start a completely new business as a Tower Garden farmer.”

“I was introduced to Atlas through other farmers who had experience with Atlas.  After talking with a couple of other greenhouse manufacturers and getting quotes Atlas seemed to make the most sense. “

Tell us about the greenhouse model you chose and how it contributes to the success of your business.

“We have a 30 X 72 gutter connect Grand Peak greenhouse with 12ft high walls.  We chose the double wall polycarbonate for longevity along with a few other additions.  The greenhouse has been the perfect environment to help grow our business.”

Would you consider working with Atlas again in the future and/or recommending Atlas to others?

I think it is safe to say that we would absolutely work with Atlas again.  As a novice and first time greenhouse owner who chose to build his own structure I needed a lot of guidance and help.  Atlas was with me from start to finish and helped me all the way through the process.  I have already recommended Atlas to a couple of other potential farmers.

To learn more about the Atlas Grand Peak Greenhouse, click here.

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