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Recommendations from Regional Sales Manager, Chris Kirschner

Know your budget. So many projects overlook items during the initial budgeting and purchase of the greenhouse…talk to a trusted resource!

Plan a layout that lets YOU be in control! Incorporate your cultivation and production plan into the design. Consider harvest schedules or perpetual harvest– How many different zones will you need for flower, veg, mother plants? How will this floor plan work with your S.O.P.’s? For example, can you access all zones without having to walk thru a room that may be in night cycle. Make sure that the plan you draw on paper will work in concept once completed.

Don’t forget to discuss your acceptable temp and humidity parameters BEFORE the build. There’s a lot of design work and a LOT of expense in completely controlling temperature and humidity in a greenhouse in certain parts of the country. This expense can often cost as much or MORE than the greenhouse – make sure it’s not a surprise at the end.

Visit current growers and facilities and learn from their mistakes or success. Your sales expert has customers who have already been through the experience you’re about to embark on – use this to your advantage. Touring a facility similar to what you have designed on paper will allow you to visualize the end result, and probably see some things you need to change!

Growing areas aren’t the only thing that need careful planning. You need to put real design work and thought into your drying areas, size of fertigation equipment, mixing tanks, chemical storage…there’s a lot more that goes into your building design than just the plant count square footage.

Demand proper communication and cooperation. Hold conference calls, E-conferences, site meetings and group emails. You won’t get 100% of everything you need from one place. Demand your suppliers navigate your project as a team so everyone’s on the same page to eliminate surprises.

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  1. request a general quote of the expected cost of of green houses to raise produce such as tomatoes and some fruit such as blue berried in a commerial farm using hot houses with all that would be requied to do this

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