Terms & Conditions

Revised: 5/9/2023


This agreement (“Agreement”) and the purchase order and/or quote and all documents referenced herein represent the entire and integrated agreement (“Contract Documents”) between Purchaser as defined above and Atlas Greenhouse, LLC (“Seller”) and supersedes all prior negotiations, representative, or agreements, either written or oral, and each party may be referred to individually as party or collectively, parties. 

Article 1: The Materials

Seller shall ensure that the materials as stated in the purchase order or quote (“Materials”) are procured and ready for shipment. Seller will ensure that when the Materials leave the warehouse it is in good condition.

Article 2: Shipping and Receiving 

Quoted shipping and handling charges are subject to change and will be shipped at the prevailing rates at the time of shipping. Purchaser is responsible for all shipping costs incurred. 



Once the freight carrier picks up Purchaser’s freight from Seller’s facility, safe delivery of this shipment is the responsibility of the freight carrier and/or Purchaser. However, Seller will be glad to render assistance to trace and recover goods.

Seller will ensure that Freight carrier shipments leave the Seller’s warehouse in good condition. It is possible that in the process of transportation and transferring of freight, material may become either lost or damaged. Therefore, Seller cannot be responsible for conditions in which Seller has no control. Replacement material will be shipped and charged to Purchaser’s account as detailed below. In this regard Purchaser is obligated for prompt payment of material (original and replacement) to Seller. No replacement material shall be sent until payment has been received by Seller.  It is the freight carrier's obligation to reimburse Purchaser for damaged or missing items in Purchaser’s claim. 

Purchaser should examine shipment carefully before signing the delivery receipt. While counting the number of boxes and bundles, it is extremely important to check for shortages and/or damaged materials. If the box and bundle count does not agree with the bill of lading, or damaged material is found, it is Purchaser’s responsibility to document shortage or damage on the freight bill and notify the Seller within 48 hours of delivery. Failure timely notify the Seller shall waive Purchasers right to obtain replacement material for damaged or missing material.

Article 3: Risk of Loss

Unless otherwise stated herein, risk of loss and title to all Materials shall pass to the Purchaser once the materials have been delivered to the Purchaser at the address stated above. 

Article 4: Change Orders

A change order is any change in Materials from the original plans and specifications upon which the contract sum is predicated. All change order requests are subject to Seller’s written approval.  In the event the Seller authorizes changes in the work to be performed, or if any federal, state or local law, rule, or requirement results in alternate designs and/or deviations from the specifications herein, the contract sums shall be accordingly adjusted provided that the cost or credit to Purchaser shall be agreed upon by the parties before the change is put into effect. Any and all changes to this agreement must be in writing and signed by a representative of Seller. 

Article 5: Cancellation 

Orders for Materials or equipment are not cancelable, either in whole or in part.

Article 6: Return of Materials or Equipment

All returns for credit must have prior written approval of an authorized representative of Seller and must be for justifiable reasons. 

The credit extended for such approved returns will be based on the invoice value at time of purchase, or such lower value as may then represent our current pricing. All returns will be assessed a handling and restocking charge of 25% unless otherwise approved by an authorized representative of Seller.

No items shall be returned for credit which have been damaged or rendered unusable. Unless otherwise approved by an authorized representative of Seller, all returned items shall be freight prepaid by Purchaser. During shipping, Purchaser is liable for all Materials. 

Article 7: Ownership and Use of Drawings, Specifications, Plans, and Other Documents

Documents prepared by Seller, engineer, engineer’s consultants, architect, or architect’s consultants are instruments of service for use solely with respect to the Materials and the specific project. The Seller engineer, or engineer’s consultants or architect or architect’s consultants shall retain all common law, statutory and other reserved rights in their instruments of service including copyright. The Purchaser or its contractor, are authorized to use the instruments of service provided to them for this project only. 

Article 8: Waiver of Subrogation 

Each party agrees that with respect to any losses covered by, or required to be covered by, property insurance under the terms of this agreement, other than those losses caused by the other party's gross negligence or intentional acts, each party hereby waives and releases the other, its officers, directors, employees and agents, from any and all claims and liability or responsibility with respect to such losses, including losses arising out of the inability to conduct business. Each party further agrees that its insurance companies shall have no right of subrogation against the other on account of this release.

Article 9: Governing Law and Venue

The venue of any action arising out of or relating to this Agreement, or brought to enforce the provisions of this Agreement, shall be Berrien County, Georgia or the United States District Court for the Middle District of Georgia for a federal district court proceeding.  This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Georgia. The parties agree, as a condition precedent to litigation, any controversy or claim relating to this agreement shall be first submitted to mediation before a mutually acceptable mediator, unless Seller, at its sole option, elects to waive this requirement and the parties further agree that the mediation will take place in Berrien County, Georgia. Each party irrevocably consents to the jurisdiction of the above courts. 

Article 10: Waiver of Jury Trial 

Each party agrees that as a material part of the consideration hereunder and as an inducement to enter into this Agreement, each party hereby waives the right to a jury trial.

Article 11: Attorneys’ Fees

The prevailing party in any dispute arising out of or in connection with this Agreement shall be entitled to its attorney’s fees, costs, and expenses incurred through arbitration, litigation, appellate and bankruptcy proceedings.

Article 12: Damage Limitation 

In no event, whether based on the Agreement, warranty (express or implied), tort, federal or state statute or otherwise arising from or relating to the Materials or use of the materials and services performed under the Agreement, shall Seller be liable for secondary, special, punitive, exemplary, incidental, speculative, consequential, or indirect damages, including loss of use, loss of revenue, loss of profits or loss of crops.  

Seller and Purchaser agree to allocate certain of the risks so that, to the fullest extent permitted by law, Seller’s total aggregate liability to Purchaser is limited to the dollar amount of the Agreement for any and all injuries, damages, claims, expenses or claim expenses including attorneys’ fees arising out of or relating to this Agreement regardless of whether it is based in warranty, tort, contract, strict liability, negligence, errors, omissions, or from any other cause or causes.

Article 13: Disclaimers

Purchaser understands and recognizes that greenhouses and related products manufactured and/or sold by Seller are subject to varied conditions due to the way they are to be installed and used. Seller makes no warranties whatsoever, express or implied, written or oral, to Purchaser. Liability is limited to repair or replacement of defective parts to the original Purchaser. Seller is not liable for any consequential damages, expenses, or injury arising from the use, misuse or adverse weather of any product manufactured or sold by Seller. Seller is not responsible for loss of income, merchandise, or livelihood due to a defective part sold by Seller. Seller reserves the right to make changes in design or add to or improve the product without incurring any obligation to install the same on any products previously manufactured.  

Seller cannot and will not be held responsible for product or equipment failure where excessive weather conditions including but not limited to, snow, wind, lightning, fire, or hail has occurred, and such occurrences have exceeded the design loads stated in the engineering specifications. Furthermore, Seller cannot and will not be held responsible for product or equipment failure due to improper installation, inadequate common maintenance, or failure to follow the manufacturer's recommendations and instructions. Failure to follow manufacturer's recommendations and instructions could result in ultimate structural and equipment failure. Seller disclaims all responsibility for any injury or damage caused by the structure or equipment.

If the Purchaser chooses not to purchase steel end wall framing kits from Seller, it is Purchaser’s sole responsibility to provide adequate framing to resist wind/snow loads to prevent damage or structural failure.

Seller cannot and will not be held liable for a loss of or damage to single layer poly due to slippage through aluminum poly fastening extrusions. 

Article 14: Indemnification 

To the fullest extent permitted by law, the Purchaser shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Seller, and it its agents and employees from and against all claims, damages, losses, and expenses, including but not limited to attorneys’ fees, arising out of or related to the delivery or installation of the Materials, provided such claim, damage, loss, or expense is attributable to bodily injury, sickness, disease or death or to injury to or destruction of tangible property, but only to the extent caused by the negligent act or omissions of Purchaser, or anyone directly employed by them or under their control or anyone whose acts they may be liable, regardless of whether or not such claim, damage, loss, or expense is caused in party by a party indemnified hereunder. 

To the fullest extent permitted by law, Purchaser shall indemnify defend and hold Seller, including its owners, officers, managers, employees and agents, harmless (to the extent provided by the law) from and against all claims, loss, liability, cost,  damage, or expense including attorneys’ fees arising out of or related to any claim, action or proceeding against Seller arising out of or related to the installation, maintenance, use or operation of the Materials or products purchased by Purchaser or on Purchaser's behalf.

Article 15: Limited Warranty

Seller warrants that its products are free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of delivery, except that Seller explicitly makes no warranties as to products or materials manufactured by others. As to products manufactured by others, Purchaser's sole remedy shall be under warranty, if any, made by the original manufacturer. This limited warranty is nontransferable or assignable. 

It is the Purchaser’s responsibility to notify Seller in writing at [email protected] (email) or mailed overnight mail with tracking to Atlas Greenhouse, Attn: Matt Hughes, P.O. Box 558, Alapaha, GA 31622 within ten (10) calendar days of the occurrence of any claim, defect, or deficiency arising out of materials provided by Seller under the Agreement.  Failure of the Purchaser to provide written notice of the occurrence will result in the Purchaser waiving all claims that may be brought against Seller because of or relating to the occurrence, including claims arising in law, equity, contract, warranty, tort, or federal or state statutory claims. Upon receiving notice, Seller will within a reasonable time inspect the Materials, and if the cause of the defect is within the coverage as stated above, the Seller will arrange for repairs/replacements to be made.  If the cause of the damage is not covered by the warranty, Seller will notify Purchaser that the damage is not covered, and Seller shall not be liable to Purchaser for the cost of repairs or damage.  

Purchaser's remedies hereunder are limited to the repair and/or replacement of goods manufactured by Seller as provided herein. Any warranty provided by Seller shall be void if Purchaser fails to pay for any materials ordered pursuant to the Agreement.

The obligations of Seller herein are in lieu of all others, and Seller makes no other warranties, express or implied, including, without limitation, any warranties of merchantability or fitness, for any purpose. Under no circumstances shall Seller be liable for any special or consequential damages, even if Seller has been notified of the possibility the same.

Purchaser shall hold and protect all products for which Purchaser has given notice, as stated above, until Purchaser is specifically instructed to do otherwise by Seller. While such products are under Purchaser's protection, Purchaser shall be liable for all damages to said products. 

Non-code or non-certified structures acquired by the Purchaser are done so at the Purchaser's own risk. Purchaser shall indemnify Seller from any liabilities or costs including attorneys’ fees for structural failure or any legal action taken by governing agencies for nonconformance.

The structure set forth in this proposal is designed with the understanding that the interior may be cooled and/or heated. If the structure set forth in this proposal is structurally certified by a licensed structural engineer, the certification is based on figures for a continuously heated greenhouse. The Purchaser understands that it is required to regulate the inside temperatures to avoid excessive snow loads. 

Purchaser understands that the cost of structural certification not requested at time of purchase but requested after Purchaser received structure and signed delivery receipt will be charged to Purchaser. In addition, any components (additional trusses, purlins, spacings, braces, etc.) necessary to meet the required certification will be charged to the Purchaser. Purchaser is responsible for informing Seller of required loads for the county in which the structure is to be located.

Seller shall not be responsible for any damages, direct or consequential, whether or not the structure contains growing plants, which shall result either from: (a) the failure of the Purchaser to always regulate inside temperatures, or (in the event the Purchaser is responsible hereunder for installing environmental control equipment), (b) the failure of the Purchaser to complete timely installation of said equipment.


Including the exclusions mentioned elsewhere in this agreement, Seller disclaims all liability for claims arising out of the exclusions listed below. Purchaser acknowledges that he/she is solely liable for all damages, whether actual or consequential, arising out of these claims.  This express workmanship warranty does NOT cover the following:

  1. Defects or damage caused by: 
          1. Natural disasters including, without limitation, floods, lightning, hurricanes, tropical storms, hail, windstorms, earthquakes, and/or tornadoes.
          2. Temperature fluctuations. 
          3. Structural failures, such as cracks in foundations or other surfaces; damages caused by water intrusion unrelated to the work.
          4. Changes in original principal usage unless approved in advance in writing.
          5. Repairs by others including, but not limited to, servicing or maintenance unless prior written approval is obtained.
          6. Acts of God, strikes, riots, war, civil disturbances, fire, vandalism or other damage beyond Builder’s control.
          7. Failure of Purchaser to maintain the purchased Materials.
          8. Sinkholes, shifting soils, or other ground subsidence condition.
          9. Purchaser negligence, misuse, abuse or alteration.
  2. Damage to person or property caused by mold, mildew, fungi, spores, algae, microscopic organisms, hazardous chemicals, biological agents or allergens.
  3. Any condition that is not in strict accordance with Seller’s installation instructions. 

Article 16: Limited Equipment Warranty

Seller is a manufacturer or distributor for products and equipment used in the greenhouse industry. These product manufacturers have stated warranty procedures that must be followed to validate the warranty. These warranty procedures are typically included with the product’s original packaging. Each product manual should be retained for servicing the product and warranty procedures. If the service manual and/or warranty procedures cannot be located, please call and ask for technical support. Subject to the other requirements and exceptions in this Agreement, Seller will warranty defective parts and motors for fans, shutters, pumps, heaters, thermostats, and curtain motors for a period of one year. However, all warranties are null and void when improperly wired or used. Upon inspection and testing, if the motor or part was improperly wired or used, the Purchaser will be billed. Seller has found that most claims for a defective motor or part are caused by initial improper wiring.  Motors and heaters should be wired/installed by a licensed professional with experience in commercial equipment.  Most claims of shortages are caused by Purchaser inexperience. Purchaser should inspect, identify, and recognize all parts, bundles, and equipment before beginning construction. 

Article 17: Design Parameters

The structure set forth in this proposal is designed with the understanding that the interior may be cooled and/or heated.  Purchaser understands that they are required to regulate inside temperature to avoid excessive snow loads.  Seller shall therefore not be responsible for any damages, direct or consequential, whether or not the structure contains growing plants, which shall result either from (a) the failure of the Purchaser to at all times regulate and maintain proper inside temperatures, or (in the event the Purchaser is responsible hereunder for installing environmental control equipment) (b) the failure of the Purchaser to complete timely installation of said equipment. 

Article 18: Foundations

Foundation options shown in this manual are for illustration purposes only and are intended to assist with the layout for posts and may not be suitable for Purchaser’s structure. Soil types and densities vary from location to location, even within a specific locale. Different foundation requirements will be based on Purchaser’s specific soil conditions, post spacing, wind loads, snow loads, etc. Seller can provide, upon request, engineering calculations to assist in determining foundation requirements with a local engineer for Purchaser’s structure based on local code requirements. It is the responsibility of Purchaser to obtain all necessary local code information and to inform Seller of the required loads for the county, as well as obtaining any permits which will be necessary. Unless otherwise agreed to in writing by the parties, it is the responsibility of the Purchaser to install this structure on an adequate foundation designed to meet local building codes. Structures using post-in-ground are required to set posts according to foundation design. All structures must have posts set in 3000 PSI commercial grade concrete. Failure to strictly adhere to buildings codes, the requirements set forth in this Agreement or the installation manual shall void all warranties.

Article 19: Severability 

The invalidity of any provision of the Contract Documents shall not invalidate the Agreement or its remaining provisions. If it is determined that any provision of the Contract Documents violates any law, or is otherwise unenforceable, that provision shall be revised to the extent necessary to make that provision enforceable and legal. In such event, the Contract Documents shall be construed to the fullest extent of the law, to give effect to the Parties intention in executing the Contract Documents. 

Article 20: Waiver of Consequential Damages

The Seller and Purchaser waive claims against each other for consequential damages. In no event, whether based on the Agreement, warranty (express or implied), tort, federal or state statute or otherwise arising from or relating to the work and services performed under the Agreement, shall Seller be liable for secondary, special, punitive, exemplary, incidental, speculative, consequential, or indirect damages, including loss of use or loss of profits.   

Article 21: Acts of God

Seller shall not be liable for any damage, whether actual or consequential, or claim arising out of or relating to Acts of God, accidents, civil disturbances, failure or delay of transportation, shortage of or inability to obtain materials, equipment or labor, fires, hurricanes and other weather conditions, strikes, war or other causes beyond Seller’s reasonable control.

Article 22: No Third-Party Beneficiary

This Agreement is intended to benefit only the parties hereto and their successors and assigns.  Nothing in this Agreement is intended to create rights in any third-party beneficiary.

Article 23: Assignment

This Agreement shall not be assignable by Purchaser without the written consent of the Seller.  Any attempt at assignment may be deemed a default.

Article 24: Technical Support

Technical advice is limited by the information provided by the Purchaser and the Purchaser must make the ultimate decision since the Purchaser is on-site.

The Purchaser should consult the instruction manual and have it available when speaking to technical support. There is no guarantee of success of the technical assistance and no additional warranties are expressed or implied based upon any technical assistance given to the Purchaser. Seller is not responsible for the Purchaser's misunderstanding or misapplication of the technical advice given, other than what may qualify under the original warranties, terms, and conditions.

Article 25: Recommendations

  1. Store all galvanized square, rectangle, and round tubing in a dry area. Galvanized hat purlins also need a dry area. If a dry, indoor area is not available for storage, cut the bundle straps and separate bundles, allowing air to dry out trapped moisture. Failure to do so will result in white oxidation forming on the metals.
  2. A continuous inside temperature of 50°f at 3'-0" above floor level must be always maintained during cold weather or winter conditions. If snow begins to accumulate on the structure, increase the temperature until the accumulation is no longer present. Failure to do so will allow snow and ice to accumulate which may result in a structural failure due to excessive accumulation.
  1. In case of heating failure, Seller recommends having an alternative heat source and/or generator and spare parts to allow for product function until full repairs or replacements can be made.
  2. Maintain the poly covering to have a snug or almost tight fit year-round, it will expand, or contract based on changing temperatures and wind. Poly must not sag between framing members – failure to do so may result in pocketing of rain/snow which can cause serious damage or structural failure.
  3. It is the Purchaser’s responsibility to ensure that double poly systems are always inflated. In case of electrical failure, use a generator to keep the inflation system running.
  4. When extreme weather conditions are predicted, it is recommended remove poly covering from the structures to prevent structural damage. Ensure all bolts, nuts, anchors, etc. are tightened securely when construction is complete.
  5. Extrusions which require 'snap caps' are designed for two layers of 6 mil poly to adequately hold in place: single wide lock, double wide lock, channel lock, Z-lock, Snow Arch gutter, RT Max gutter, Pro Com gutter, wall/hinge extrusion. If using these extrusions with seasonal 4 mil poly, substitute the snap cap for stainless steel wire.

Approval and Acceptance:

Purchaser has reviewed and hereby accepts the terms of this Agreement and agrees to be bound by all of the provisions set forth herein.