Preparing for Cold Weather – Winter Greenhouse Prep

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Winter greenhouse prep is upon us!

As fall and winter approach, now is the time for winter greenhouse prep. Here are some tips from our experts on maintenance for your structures in anticipation of cold weather. No matter where you’re located, being prepared will help protect one of your largest investments – your structure.

  • Check poly for tears or holes and patch with Poly Patch if necessary
  • Replace any missing or damaged wire lock or other type of lock used for securing poly
  • Patch any potential areas around doors and openings where heat might escape
  • If using analog thermostats, check for proper calibration. Thermostatsleft in direct summer sunlight or in a greenhouse exposed to excessive summer temperatures are often thrown out of calibration.
  • If using double poly, check inflation blower for proper operation.
  • Make sure HAF fans are running properly and oriented to move air horizontally.
  • Blow out burner ports and clean heater of any spider webs, bird nests, wasp nests or any other debris.
  • Check the integrity of your vent pipe by ensuring they are securely fastened to the greenhouse.
  • Turn on gas supply to heater and start heater to ensure proper operation

Replacement parts can be ordered online or by calling 800-346-9902 for a quote. Be sure to check out current sales and promotions for discounts. For more information, call us today or send us an email at


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  1. Trying to find info on green house kits
    To grow in north middle Tennessee all winter.
    We have plenty of wood and would like to combine an outside wood burning stove with a green house to keep temps up.

    Is that a reasonable idea?

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