At Atlas Greenhouse, we have been building free-standing greenhouses for over 30 years. Through our methodology of greenhouse design, we provide cost-effective, energy-efficient structures, combined with easy installation. Our structures can be customized by weather conditions, so regardless of your location and the need for structures to withstand high winds or even heavy snow, we have a plan to fit your building code needs. 

With a variety of sizes available, our standard widths for free-standing structures range from 16 to 35-foot clear spans, with sidewall heights from 4 to 10-feet. We offer choices of round, rectangular, and square tubing, with covering options to include poly or polycarbonate. With Atlas Greenhouse, you will receive the right structure at the right price, which will help to grow your business.

The Snow Arch

The free-standing Snow Arch Greenhouse by Atlas offers a design with the strength and versatility to accommodate various widths, side wall heights, drop-down or roll-up curtains, roof ventilation fans, shutters, and/or cooling pad systems.
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The Super Arch

Designed with pre-punched, two-squared framing, the Super Arch Series by Atlas offers both strength and ease of installation. Our standard Super Arch is available in 30 and 35-foot width base models, with approximately eight-foot truss height, and is ideal for hanging basket applications. It is also easily adaptable for High Tunnel usage, requiring width and superior strength.
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RT Max Muscle

The RT™ Max Muscle series by Atlas is widely used by wholesale, hydroponics and transplant growers. Additionally, the sides and/or ends can be equipped with polycarbonate to create an outstanding and attractive retail sales center.
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The Educator

Built with massive galvanized rectangular framing, The Educator™ can be used for an educational classroom, or as an upscale retail garden center. With this series, you can have confidence that it will last for many growing years.
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The Scholar

With properly sized cooling and heating equipment available to create the ideal greenhouse environment, The Scholar™ Series is available in either 12 or 16-foot, with widths and any length in 6-foot increments and optional accessories available.
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