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Atlas is pleased to offer our clients a wealth of Shade Solution options that can be customized to fit each greenhouse structure needs. We understand that energy savings vary, depending on the type of fabric, greenhouse temperature, efficiency of greenhouse covering, and environmental control settings, and we work diligently with each client to ensure each greenhouse structure plan includes the ideal Shade Solution plan.

Cable Shade System

An economical and efficient solution for larger shading projects, our Cablet Shade System by Atlas is designed utilizing 20 by 50-foot pieces of shade attached with slide rings on the cable, allowing for the shade cloth to be retracted during inclement weather conditions.
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Flat-Top Shade Center

While saving money on initial construction and future expansion costs, our Flat-Top Shade Center four-way connector by Atlas allows easy attachment of the framing with pre-welded stanchions. With each section featuring individual covering with shade cloth and secured with stretch bunjies and rope (included), our Flat-Top Shade Center is easy to maintain and very easy to expand.
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A-Frame Shade Center

Featuring slightly pitched rafters spaced eight-feet apart, our A-Frame Shade Center by Atlas allows for an attractive display area for your hanging baskets and other plant materials.
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Svensson Climate Screens

Our newest solution in efficient greenhouse shading, the Svensson shade fabric provides a benefit of a lesser heat load (to be removed by ventilation) for a given shading value when compared to black shade.
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Retractable Shade System

With users achieving generally a 30 to 40 percent reduction in energy consumption when using a Retractable Shade System, you can expect less energy with this system, which equals money saved.
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Black Shade Cloth

The Black Shade Cloth option features strong, reinforced edges with brass grommets every two-feet and is available in 30, 47, 55 63, 73, and 80 percent shade.
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Ground Cover

Atlas offers premium grade 3.2 oz. black woven polypropylene ground fabric with pot lines 12″ apart. Our fabric is manufactured, rolled and cut just 9 miles from our plant, allowing Atlas to inventory huge quantities and sell for less! Custom widths and lengths offered.

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