Atlas Greenhouse is pleased to announce the addition of the Rovero Product Line of greenhouse structures to our portfolio of offerings. This partnership will provide our customers with additional tools to grow perfect plants in an ideal environment, and all at an affordable cost.

The Rovero Roll-Air, Rovero HortiHouse for Growers, and the Roll-Air Retail for retail centers are an ideal fit to add to your ever-changing greenhouse needs.

Roll-Air Greenhouse

A structure that provides protection from the elements, while at the same time, creating an environment as close to outside conditions as possible. With its unique Open-Roof design, the Rovero Roll-Air Greenhouse is ideal for Ornamental, Nursery, Fruit and Vegetable Growers. The Roll-Air roof will completely open or close in approximately 1-minute, allowing for maximum exposure to the elements when needed, and the ability to close quickly when adverse weather conditions occur protecting your crops and people.
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Roll-Air Retail

The Roll-Air Greenhouse takes garden centers to the next level by combining the convenience of “indoor” features with the open-air feel and also, provides benefits for your plants. Featuring a roof that can be fully opened or closed in just a minute, depending on weather conditions.  It is ideal for Retail Garden Centers seeking to shield their selling areas from the elements of wind and rain during that critical Spring buying period.

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Rovero HortiHouse

With its unique poly film that allows for greater light transmission, a longer life and easy and safe installation to cover and recover when required, the Rovero HortiHouse offers several unique features to a traditional widespan greenhouse, as well as a significantly larger ventilation system with ease of construction – all at an exceptionally affordable price.

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