We have been building free-standing greenhouses for over 30 years. Our common sense approach to greenhouse design has resulted in cost-effective, energy-efficient structures combined with ease of installation. If your location requires high winds or heavy snow building codes, we have the perfect structure for you.

The standard widths available for free-standing structures range from 16'-35' clear spans with sidewall heights from 4'-10'. Our solutions to your greenhouse needs provide you with choices of round, rectangular and square tubing, and covering options of poly or polycarbonate. We have the right structure, at the right price, to help you grow your business.

The Scholar

With properly sized cooling and heating equipment available to create the ideal greenhouse environment, The Scholar™ Series is available in either 12 or 16-foot, with widths and any length in 6-foot increments and optional accessories available.
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The Frances

Ideal for the passionate hobby grower, whether used for seedlings or for overwintering flowers and plants, The Frances Greenhouse by Atlas provides elegant protection year-round. Available in 12- and 16-foot widths and any length in 6-foot increments, The Frances is covered with the industry’s best 8mm twin wall polycarbonate and offers a 10-year warranty with a 20-year life expectancy. Equipped with ease of construction, the above ground construction featured on The Frances utilizes 2-inch by 2-inch galvanized base rails with pre-welded stanchions, and offers heating and cooling equipment, benches and shade cloth.
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Easy Grow

A commercial-grade hobby house for the passionate residential grower, The Easy Grow Greenhouse by Atlas features a galvanized steel framework and slip fit connectors to ensure assembly is simple and easy. Covered with professional grade 6-mil, 4-year poly film, The Easy Grow is perfect for growing backyard vegetables, starting seeds or for simply overwintering your plants, and can be equipped with curtains, benches, heating and cooling equipment and shade cloth.
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Our easy-to-assemble Evergreen Greenhouse program features a patented attachment system that makes installation simple. Designed for easy construction, this structure is sturdy and permanent and has a 10-year warranty. Comes in multiple lengths and add-on accessory options.
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